How Do You Clean Baseboards Without Bending & Breaking Your Back in Hurricane, UT?

Enough to make a room look unkempt are dirty baseboards. It is worse when you can’t bend over to scrub, but their location makes them so easy to neglect. Even if you have bad knees or a sore back, you can clean baseboards easily. To help you with the back comfort, we at Doris Cleaning Services would like to offer some tips to clean your baseboards without adding more strain to your back.

Collect Cleaning Supplies & Tools

The best way to clean your baseboards without strain extending your reach to maintain the comfort. Below are some tools that should make this chore simpler, and you can use your preferred method.
– A cloth attached to a broom: With a couple of rubber bands, you can wrap microfiber cloth around the brush and hold it in place.
– A stick with a microfiber sock over it: You can make this tool in seconds. Slip a yardstick inside the softest sock you have.
– Vacuum cleaner’s wand attachment: For this chore, this is the best dust remover. With an extension wand, you can dust your baseboards thoroughly without bending over.

Remove Dust from Baseboards

To clean the floor trim effectively, dusting first is mandatory, you’d be risking scratching the surface otherwise. You will need an extension wand with the brush add-on as it is recommended way to remove all the debris is using a vacuum cleaner.

Wash Baseboards

It’s time to leave the baseboard spotless now that you cleared the dust away. Below you will see the steps of cleaning baseboards without bending over. To save you time, effort, and even money is the objective of this method. You’ll only need to keep your baseboards dust-free with weekly vacuuming and rewash them at least twice a year.
Step #1: Prepare a Cleaning Solution. You can prepare in minutes in the two excellent cleaning solutions listed below. Just add enough dish soap to a gallon of water. You should see nice results with either option.
– Soapy Water: Quantities do not have to be exact, you just need about 1tsp of mild dish soap to a gallon of water. To avoid a sticky layer on the wooden trim, remember to rinse afterward.
– White Vinegar: Most people have vinegar on hand. Though the smell may be off-putting at first, it dissipates quickly and needs no rinsing. Combine equal parts of warm water and white vinegar in a squirt bottle.
Important Note: Spot-test the vinegar before using it since all baseboards are not made the same.
Step #2: From Bottom to Top, Clean the Baseboards. Use the proper technique can help you avoid a mess when cleaning the baseboards. Either spray the vinegar solution directly on the baseboards or treat a sponge or wash cloth with the chosen solution. Start from the bottom and work your way up to pick up any water dripping down and prevent streaks.
Step #3: Complete with Dryer Sheets. To prevent your baseboards from becoming magnets for hairs and dust, the same dryer sheets you use for laundry have a special coating. To let the baseboards look their best, these sheets will also give the trim a subtle luster. Get in a comfortable position on a comfortable seat and wipe the whole trim.

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